Save the date designs

Make sure you use words like save the date or remember the date on the front of your save the date design.  You would be surprised at the number of people who mistake a save the date for an actual invitation.

When you are designing your own save the date, it is really tempting to play on’s design area with a number of fonts on your design.  Try to limit yourself to two good fonts.  That way your save the date design will not end up looking like a ransom note.

Moreover, be sure to pick a font that is legible. We recommend not using a script or handwriting type of font for your date or an address.

Clarity on your save the date design is very important.  You need to get your message across in your design.  Always keep your audience in mind.  Like, what would grandma think?

This leads us to our next recommendation – choose your words carefully when designing your save the dates.  Make sure you answer the important questions like who?  what?  when? and how (will they know more later)? Keep having fun with the many save the date designs, has to offer.  Play around and then order your save the dates.  We recommend mailing your save the dates no later than 3 months before your wedding date.  5-6 months before seems to be a good time frame unless you have a lot of guests from completely out of your area and you will want to give them more notice.

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