Save the Date 2013 Color Trends For Save the Date Postcards, Magnets and Cards

Your wedding is an important celebration, and you want to share this moment with all of your family and friends. Save the Date 2013 Color Trends are very important to the happy couples getting married this year. Invitations formally invite your guests to the wedding, but a save the date is an informal invitation that gives guests time to plan for the big day. Newly engaged couples send out save the date postcards to allow guests the opportunity to make travel and hotel arrangements, or schedule time off from work and other commitments. We can help design the perfect postcard for your big announcement.

Themes and Designs for Save the Date 2013 Color Trends

Save the date postcards are not formal, so you and your soon-to-be spouse can design the cards anyway you would like. The trends for 2013 are more modern. Some couples upload a picture of each other doing something fun or personal, such as: swimming or scuba-diving on vacation, walking on a beach or attending their favorite concert or sporting event. Some cards which are often referred to as save the date magnets have a magnetic strip on the back of them, allowing your guests to place the card on their refrigerator or office door. Customized calendar cards are another unique save the date idea. Our company specializes in choosing designs that represent the happy couple.

Save the Date 2013 Color Trends

The color of your save the date postcard or save the date magnet does not have to be the same as your actual wedding colors. When you choose the card colors, choose modern and popular color trends. Purple and pink are the most popular color trends of 2013. These colors work well together, and will definitely catch the eye of your guests. Black and gold postcards are decadent and make for stunning postcard keepsakes. Burgundy is a luxurious color theme for 2013 save-the-date cards. Other color trends for 2013 include: Green, fuchsia, pastels, brown, red, as well as sky blue and lilac combinations. Even though our company prides itself on keeping up with the trends, we ensure your postcard design is one-of-a-kind.


Sending save the date postcards to friends and family is optional. If you choose this option, you need to follow proper wedding etiquette. These save-the-date postcards should not be mailed out until four to six months prior to your wedding date; however, if you wedding is on a major holiday, you can send the save the date out earlier. Information on the postcard should include the couple’s name, along with the date and location of the wedding. Make sure your postcard states that a formal invitation will arrive at a later date. Do not list your wedding registry on the save the date. Only send save the dates out to individuals you plan to send a formal invitation to.

Save the date postcards are fun, informative and generally cheaper than a traditional wedding invitation. Depending on the design of the card, save the dates can also serve as wedding keepsakes. Your guests will be thrilled for your upcoming wedding, and grateful that you gave them enough time to plan for the big day. You want your guests to save your wedding date, so allow our company to design a postcard that they will definitely remember!

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