Red Carpet Party Invitations and Red Carpet Save the Dates has some great ideas to choose a design for your red carpet party!  Ideas for red carpet party invitations as well as red carpet save the dates should let your guests know the theme of your party immediately. For example, make your invitations resemble a ticket to an award ceremony, an award from an award ceremony, a red carpet flanked by velvet ropes, or the Hollywood sign.  All of these party schemes are available on whether you are looking for save the dates or invitations.

If the red carpet party invitations have a black background on them, remember to use a metallic pen in gold or silver to write out your party details and addressees. If the red carpet party invitation is white or red in the background area, use a fine black or red marker to write out your party details.

Have fun with making up the wording on your design when you design your invitations on  Consider saying, “We’ll be rolling out the red carpet for….” or “Please join us for an evening of glitter, glam and glitz” or ‘’Dress in your Hollywood best” Consider, too taking photos of your guests as they enter the party on the red carpet – let them know that you will be taking photos of red carpet arrivals in your invitations.

Mail your invitations out 6-8 weeks before the red carpet party for whatever event you may be planning – an anniversary, a birthday, a wedding reception!  Try sealing your envelopes with star-shaped wax envelope seals or waxed initials, and write your guests’ names and mailing addresses on the fronts of the envelopes in calligraphy.  Add some sprinkles of color to the front if you wish or confetti on the inside of cards with envelopes.


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