2015 Save the Date Color Trends

Planning an event? Then follow the 2015 Save the Date Color Trends. Save the date postcards, save the day magnets and Save the dates are the best way to invite your guests to the event. For 2015, there are several exciting color trends that you can use for your save the date magnet and save the day postcard.

Pink and Purple Save the Dates

One of the biggest color trend in 2015 for save the date postcards and save the day magnets are pink and purple. This bold color theme will definitely surprise your guests. These colors work really well together and are perfect for wedding save the date.

Black And Gold Save the Date Postcard

If you want your save the dates to be truly decadent and luxurious, the combination of gold and black is perfect. These colors create a truly stunning effect when used on save the date magnets

Burgundy Save the Date Magnet

A burgundy save the date or save the date postcard would also be quite attractive since it is a warm and rich color which will truly reflect the nature of your event. It is a very luxurious color and will fit the theme of any celebration.

Other Truly Inspirational Colors for 2015 Save the Dates

There are several other gorgeous colors you can take inspiration from for your save the dates, save the date postcards and save the day magnets. Fuchsia, red, blue, green and lilac and sky blue combination and pastels are really beautiful. If you have a rustic theme for your save the dates, colors like red, rustic and brown are really gorgeous.

Some of the other colors that are also very fashionable include coral orange, green, purple and indigo blue.

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