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Proof Approval Process By Email

Save the Date Magic Proof  Approval Process For All Paid Orders

 Emailed Proof Approval Process What happens when I place my order? How does the process work?
 Design your card, postcard, magnet or invitation. Place and pay for your order.

We will send you a confirmation email.  If you have a photo(s) to your design, we will ask you to email us the largest, highest resolution (preferably 300 dpi) version of the photo(s) used in your design.

 Once we receive your photo(s), we will prepare your first proof(s) and e-mail them to you at the address you listed at checkout.
Please check all emailed proof(s) carefully. The design you made on line is not considered a proof. If you want changes made to your proof(s), changes must be submitted to us by email. Phone call changes are not accepted.
 When you approve your proof(s), we will print and ship your order to the address you entered on your shipping details entered at checkout. Any address change for delivery must be made in writing to us at our email address of service@savethedatemagic.mobi
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