Save the Date Postcards – make them unique

It amazes us how many times a person planning an event struggles with the idea of making his or her own save the date postcards.  We have developed a website that allows individuals to customize their postcards, cards, magnets and invitations. Pick out a design and personalize any one of them to make a save the date postcard as unique and as individual or the person they see in the mirror. Many events require a unique look to compel invitees to attend. A great look like a beach setting or a destination resort, helps the people you invite make a decision to attend your event whether it is a wedding, a bar mitzvah, or a baptism. Save the dates help your guests plan in advance for your event.

The secret to making save the date postcards unique begins with picking a template that you basically like and then rearranging the design to your liking. You can get ideas not only on the website but others. The beauty of the save the date magic website is you can modify your design.  For example, you can pick your own colors, select your own look and feel of the save the date postcard to make them unique – whether it is a gloss save the date postcard or a matte save the date card.

As you might have noticed, we send all paid orders emailed proofs. Many of our graphic designers feel like it is a win win situation to work with our customers to get the design the way they really want them to be. Our customers then show others the great design they came up with that they were able to make uniquely on We appreciate all the help we get from out past customers as well as repeat sales!

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