Top Save the Date Design trends for 2013

2013trendsWhether you are looking for trendy Save the Date Design trends for your wedding, bridal shower, birth announcement or birthday invitation, the top Save the Date Design trends given below will add a touch of something special to your invitations and make them memorable to your guests:


Typography save the date designs first became popular last year but they are going to be a bigger hit this year. You can create unique save the date designs by mixing layouts, colors, font sizes and typestyles.

The Mustache

The mustache has made back to the design world and can be found today on drinking glasses, t-shirts and almost everything else. Save the Date Design trends promote adding this design phenomenon to your save the date designs for a whimsical approach.


Calligraphy is a beautiful form of art and that is the reason it is always stylish. Calligraphy save the date designs are perfect for weddings. Traditionally the designs are created by hand and can therefore be expensive and unrealistic. However, you can also find calligraphy type-style if you are looking for something affordable.


Retro designs from the past are making a comeback for Save the Date Design trends in save the date designs with polka dots, paisley, geometric and gingham designs. You can incorporate a few of these design elements in your invitations to provide a spirited, fun feel.

Elegant Designs

Regardless of the kind of wedding theme you are going for, adding a touch of sophistication and glamour will make it better. Elegant save the date designs can feature classic patterns, family crests, custom logos and monograms.

Professional Photography

Couples today are quite interested in getting professional, styled, creative photographs that can be used on their invitations and save the dates. You can use one of the photographs from your engagement ceremony or get a special photograph clicked for the save the date.

Color Trends

For 2013, the hottest color trends include luxurious metallics, muted neutrals, jewel tones and bold bright colors. For spring, fresh minty color trends are in. Sassy bold reds, yellows and purples are also very trendy this year. All of these colors can be personalized in a shade of your choice.

Pocket Invitations

One of the biggest trends in save the date designs is pocket. Pockets are highly fashionable but still very simple, functional as well as beautiful. Pocket invitations are very popular today due to their practical nature and stylish design. They are also great for destination weddings because the design is convenient and the pocket can keep all the enclosures organized neatly.

Floral Patterns

Floral patterns in 2013 are back with a fresh design take. Digital prints and watercolor washes are particularly trendy for weddings this year. Use beautiful flowers like  poppies, orchids, hibiscuses and roses and personalize them with soft pastels or vibrant colors to create a feminine and cheerful look. The colors can be chosen in line with the wedding theme.

These were some of the biggest save the date designs for 2013 that can be incorporated in your Save the Dates.


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