Save the dates quinceanera

You may want your Quinceañera to be near the time of your 15th birthday; however, before you set the date and decide to send out save the dates quinceanera, consider that you may not want to have your quinceanera during winter or spring break, or near other holidays in which you feel your friends will most likely be unable to attend if they are out of town or busy with their own family functions. If your birthday is on a weekday, then you could plan your quince the Saturday before or after your birthday. It is common practice to have your quince on a Saturday.

Save the dates quinceanera now often consist of photos of the birthday girl (sometimes in her Quinceañera dress.) Save the dates quinceanera should essentially be ordered 6-8 months ahead of the actual event date. The quicker you design your save the dates quinceanera, the quicker you and your friends can address the outer envelopes. You should send out invitations six-eight weeks before the Quinceañera. Reply postcards should include a box or place where each guest will indicate how many people will attend.  To add a fun twist to your thank you cards, you may wish to send a picture card including a memorable picture from the Quinceañera.  Your thank you cards or postcards should be sent out within a month after the Quinceañera.

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