Create magnetic postcards online

Have you thought about making your own magnetic postcards online? Wow, now you have found the best place to do it,! Whether it is to save the date or announce an upcoming event or to document an event that has already happened, our website can help you create a beautiful magnetic postcard online.

First, pick out a template and chose a theme. Maybe you want to create magnetic postcards online for a baptism or a bat mitzvah or even a wedding date. For any of those events, you can start with one of our design templates and then change the colors, next the wording and then the fonts. Save your design and place your order. You can keep your design as close as you want to the original template or you can move things around and go for your own totally unique design.

When you create magnetic postcards online, you can see your results in your account but we also send emailed proofs to all paid orders. We send you as many emailed proofs as you need until to tell us that your order is ready to go to print. Contact us if you have any questions on how to create magnetic postcards online.

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